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Catalogo Dolce Natura

2015 - 2016

Amazonian Azabache

The Amazonian Azabache is a fossilized charred wood of vegetable origin, is a variety of fine grain lignite of black velvety color and its bark is soft, has an opaque gloss and a very low specific gravity. The peony is a red and black seed that leaves the pod of the Abrus Precatorius, is generally used as protection against envy, jealousy, negative energies and evil eye

String Bracelet

Simple, casual and elegant bracelets made with satin thread in a variety of colors, have a charm of different designs, such as: eye trick, elephant, cross, magnetic sphere, heart and leaf of tree and in materials such as; laminated in 18K gold and silver, original fossil stone and fimo, Our bracelets are a product made exclusively by hand with high quality satin yarn with different fabrics (macramé), durable, resistant to contact with water and produces no reaction allergic to skin contact; presents displacement closure adjustable to the diameter of the wrist. We are manufacturers, our sales are the largest in packages of 24 units. They are delivered in their respective and fine packaging ideal to be displayed